The Web2.5 Protocol


The Internet Operating System for Decentralized Market Networks


Hello, Real World!

Sitting between the web1 and web2 world on one side, and the new web3 universe on the other side, MarketplaceOS takes a web2.5 approach to building systems for the real world. Welcome to a practical approach to interoperability and interconnectivity.

Fractal Economics

Recursive Decentralization

With a foundation based on the Intergraph and open APIs, MarketplaceOS allows developers to build decentralized economies and unlock the power of true social commerce.MarketplaceOS offers a powerful fractal information architecture along with a built-in global asset ledger, allowing virtual business networks to operate in real-time.Unlock the incredible power of the network of networks with MarketplaceOS. 🚀 Experience the fundamental simplicity of recursive decentralization.

The Intergraph for Global B2B2C Commerce

MetaWeb Protocol

Functional Internetworking

MarketplaceOS packs all the fundamental services needed to plug everyone into your new platform. Why should an Internet connection only allow your customers access to a vast expanse of empty cyberspace? Why not give them a fully functional Internet, powered by all the services across your business ecosystem?From plugging in any compatible catalog across commerce platforms, to allowing single-cart checkout across merchants, to accepting payments across fiat and crypto, to built-in referral marketing and loyalty, integrated logistics, and universal blockchain interfaces, the MarketplaceOS allows rapid development and delivery of decentralized business networks. MarketplaceOS delivers Internet utility on tap. 🚀Explore all the interconnected and interoperable functional blocks of MarketplaceOS, and experience the atomic power of a protocols-powered multiverse. Plug in your web3 universe, and access the real world across web2 and web1 platforms.Go web0, aka directly connect all users and businesses directly to each other across peer-to-peer-to-peer chains of influence and commerce! Help every member of your business networks increase monetization for themselves and for their own networks, powered by your own branded cloud. Expand your slice of the global knowledge economy.

The Intergraph for Global B2B2C Commerce

Decentralized AI

Decentralized Knowledge

Artificial Intelligence is born from natural intelligence. Why settle, when you can leverage the real thing? Super-intelligence comes from super-connectivity, super-interoperability, and hyper-contextual flow states.Powerful decentralized AI emerges from such foundations. Deploy your own Intergraph, seamlessly powered by MarketplaceOS.

1-click Digitalization

Got Transformation?

Experience 1-click Digital Transformation with the power of Internet-grade cross-platform and cross-chain interconnectivity and interoperability.MarketplaceOS lets you launch B2B2C networks from your existing business. If you are in the web1 or web2 world, you get a huge step forward with this global market network infrastructure that turns you into a platform company for your industry, with full blockchain and tokenization capabilities.If you are a web3 business and have a blockchain or a coin, then MarketplaceOS gives your business instant utility in the real world, with the ability to facilitate commerce for your ecosystem across web1, web2, and web3 universes, using any liquid token and your own coin.Go from web3 to web2.5 and bridge today's world with the new Internet economy. Go web0, and access the underlying Internet directly, across platforms or blockchains, via the metaweb protocol! Go MarketplaceOS for your very own market network! 🚀

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